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Adjustable Height Sit-ups Fitness

$20.00 $9.50

  • ( Random color )
  • High quality high-density foam, soft and comfortable, reduce friction, take care of your feet.
  • Convenient for doing sit-ups everyday, especially for busy people who don’t have so much time doing exercise.
  • Equipped with large sucker, strong suction, solid fixed, no movement to ensure your safety.
  • With high elastic tension rope, can exercise the muscle, improves stretching and flexibility.
  • Practical and affordable. It is the best gifts to your family and friends for weight losing.

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Sku: 91369
  • We can do sit-ups, push-ups, etc.exercise your chest, shoulder, back muscles, leg, abdominal, waist, buttock and your whole body
  • Home sit up trainer bottom made of natural rubber large sucker, suction large, durable and flexible switch, it is very easy to absorb for a variety of smooth ground,When the ground is not clean or smooth, it can be added to the water to make it more stable
  • Sit-up equipment with spring buckle, 4 height free to adjust for men and women, sit up fitness bottom made of natural latex tube sucker, middle choose stronger steel, and high-density sponge, comfortable and durable
  • Each device is equipped with a tension band. When you are struggling with repeated exercises, you can continue to complete each movement with a tension belt. With very convenient equipment, we do not need any help from anyone and we can complete it by ourselves
  • Convenient for contraction, light weight, only 0.75 kg. We can carry it with us, whether you are traveling for business or traveling


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Adjustable Height Sit-ups Fitness

$20.00 $9.50